The Aldie Heritage Association is aware of the proposed large commercial development for the properties owned by Loudoun County (the “Aldie Assemblage”) around the current Aldie Volunteer Fire Department. A copy of the staff report can be found here, noted as “Item 03 Conveyance of Aldie Assemblage.”  This development would include several new structures, totaling almost 35,000 square feet of brewery, retail, and guest room space, parking for 164 vehicles, and a new public road that will connect to Route 50. This plan will also require a rezoning of the Aldie Tavern property.


The developer behind this proposal already owns land and property in the Village of Aldie, including the Old Aldie Rectory and a parcel on the mountain directly behind the Aldie Assemblage, and has been issued stop work orders and fines for unauthorized work on those properties. There is also ongoing litigation between the developer and the Land Trust of Virginia regarding the mountain parcel.


Unfortunately, the Board of Supervisors has already approved a motion to consider this proposal which will  give the developer the Aldie Assemblage, plus cash, in exchange for other land in western Loudoun County, for which the developer will further be compensated $1.5 million. A Public Hearing is scheduled for January 13, 2021 at 6:00 p.m., after which the Board of Supervisors could vote to approve this deal and to grant the developer immediate access to the Aldie Assemblage via interim lease.


The Aldie Heritage Association is deeply concerned by this proposal, and believes it is incompatible with our mission to protect and preserve the rich history and heritage of the Village of Aldie. We are particularly concerned that:


  • The size, scale, and grading of this proposed development is inappropriate for the Village of Aldie, and is incompatible with both the General Plan and the Historic District guidelines for Aldie.

  • The impact of this large development directly adjacent to the waterway of the Little River has not been assessed, nor have impacts to Aldie’s water table or public sewer.

  • The impact of the public road proposed in this deal is not yet understood, particularly in regards to volume, sight lines, and safety, and no traffic study has yet been completed.

  • The public road will connect the Aldie Assemblage to a property on the mountain owned by the developer. This property is subject to a conservation easement, but no covenants or restrictions are currently noted regarding its use as part of this proposal.

  • Though it notes that they will be in place, the proposal contains little to no information regarding covenants, restrictions, protections, or enforcement tools to ensure the developer adheres to the agreement.


We encourage our community to reach out to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and insist that they address these concerns before the approval of this deal, either via email to bos@loudoun.gov, or at the Public Hearing scheduled for January 13, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. Remote participation is available for the Public Hearing, and information on how to sign up can be found here.

AHA Statement on Proposed Development of the 

"Aldie Assemblage"

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